Message from the Chief:

As Chief of the Village of Reminderville; I would like to welcome you to the Police Department’s web site. Our continued goal is to provide individual service to all of the forty-one hundred residents that live in our village and to go above and beyond performance expectations of any victim of a crime or event that would cause one to have contact with our police officers.

We as a police department, through community policing efforts, will provide the highest security for our residents, their children, neighbors and friends who live or visit our village.

This web page is our way of presenting to you a more detailed view of the Reminderville Police Department and the many ways that we work to be, “Committed to Community Service”.

Please call me at 330-562-1634 on holidays, evenings or weekends at 330-425-7874 with any problems or concerns that I could assist you in.

Jeff Buck
Chief of Police